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The whitewashed collection is made of speckled stoneware clay to which a layer of white slip is applied and then finished with glaze. This collection is an asset to your home and you're going to want to use these items every day as part of your daily moment of quiet. It can also be beautifully combined with other handmade ceramics.

  • it's available in a glossy or matte glaze finish
  • can easily be combined with all the other hand thrown tableware
  • dishwasher safe


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Enjoy a moment of stillness. Using these products have something earthy about it. Because of the raw exterior of the products, the texture of the clay is easily felt making you subconsciously connect with nature. These dark products match beautifully with the hand-turned products in both brown and lightly speckled clay. 

  • the texture of the clay is very tangible
  • beautiful to combine with the other handthrown tableware items
  • dishwasher safe
  • using these products create an earthy feel

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Inspired by the varying layers of earth in a landscape, these products were created. Drinking from a landscape cup has something earthy about it, literally, because it is made of three types of clay that are formed together on the potter's wheel. This process creates layers of clay that blend together, similar to a layered landscape. The inside is finished with glossy glaze, while the outside is unglazed to emphasize the natural texture of the clay.


  • made of three different types of clay
  • each item has a unique pattern
  • the outside is unglazed so that the natural clay texture remains tangible
  • dishwasher safe

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Red clay collection

The red clay collection consists of products that are made with iron-rich stoneware clay that turns a deep red after firing. The outside is left unglazed so the natural texture of the clay can still be felt. The inside is covered with a glossy transparent glaze (which turns dark brown after firing because of the high iron content in the clay). 

  • the exterior of the products is unglazed, making the clay texture tangible
  • bring calm to your home
  • dishwasher safe



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