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Foto: Marie Houttequit
























Imre Bergmann is a ceramic designer and designs and produces handmade ceramics. After years of working in marketing and in an office, she became aware that she needed a more creative challenge. She began studying at the Art Academy and four years later, after graduating, she made the switch to a creative business. She founded her label *by Imre Bergmann and from then on, she has been concentrating on working with ceramics. 

Imre's collection consists of timeless ceramic products - mostly tableware - and these are all created on the potter's wheel. She often leaves her work unglazed on the outside or applies a tangible texture, because she wants people to experience the beauty of the material by actually letting them feel the clay.


Imre sees the ceramic production process as slow design; the process has many steps and requires a lot of time and patience. She finds this a nice counterpart in a time when everything seems to go faster and faster. She values the creation of meaningful products that can become part of someone's daily life, for example a coffee cup that becomes part of someone's morning ritual. Her designs are distinguished by a certain simplicity and minimalism; Imre tries to design timeless products that maintain their value and really add something special to someone's home and interior. 

Imre herself finds it very special to buy a product that is made with care and dedication in a traditional way. For her, this gives an extra dimension and value to the product; it is not a mass product but a personal product created by the attention, passion and love of the maker. She hopes that people also experience this feeling with her products because she strives to put that same attention, love and care into her products. All products are handmade by Imre herself in her own studio. 

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